How It Works

Short Version:

Add urls

Add keywords

Get high pagerank backlinks on auto pilot each month.

Long Version:

This is 100% auto pilot on your end, but a lot of hard work on our end. Our team finds trusted, aged blog posts related to your niche that allow blog comments. We then formulate a quality, non spam message to be accepted by the blog. Once accepted we create your personalized report in Microsoft Excel and attach to your email each month.

Obtaining these permanent, highly trusted backlinks is important to build a good, solid foundation of links for your website. Your backlinks will use the keywords you want to win for your urls. You can edit your dashboard each month, or simply leave in your main urls and keywords. Your work will be done each month and sent on time.

In your dashboard area you will see a tutorial video as well as an extremely easy interface. Simply add your urls, keywords, and niche (can be general) and we will uncover the oldest, most trusted blogs related to your niche, leave a quality comment, and get you a permanent trusted backlink with Pagerank 1+