1) Are these comments / links on actual pages with pagerank?

Yes. Not just the main domain, but where your comment / backlink exist on a page with actual Pagerank.

2) If I cancel will you delete my links?

No. They are permanent backlinks that we have no control over.

3) Can you build links for my niche?

Yes. While we try to find blogs targeted to your niche, sometimes we have to go more general. Such as The Truth About Acne niche -> Skin -> Health and Beauty is an example of the specific to general. The important thing is your links exist on pagerank pages related to your website which is extremely valuable.

4) Will I get a full report?

Yes. We will email you your full report each month in a detailed Microsoft Excel document. Here you can see exactly where your comments / links have been placed. Since this is a monthly service it can take up to 30 days from the start of your membership to receive the full report (usually faster).

5) Is this is a good use of my SEO budget?

Yes. We believe in a balanced approach to link building. Pagerank is a system designed by Google; by obtaining these exclusive, hard to get backlinks on pages they explicitly tell us they value (they all have pagerank), will ensure you not only become more trusted (higher pagerank) on your own website, but stabilize your rankings and begin to see search engine ranking improvements.